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for relief from Trigger Finger symptoms, broken bones and sprains, sunburn, bug bites, bee stings, acne

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We're now shipping product based on our June 2017 harvest - AND we've increased the infused comfrey/allantoin content by 25%.

What is Catskills Comfrey?

Catskills Comfrey is a liniment/balm consisting of coconut and olive oils - and heavily infused with organically-grown, dried comfrey. It is a topical application, which can be used several times daily, depending on the actual condition you are treating and its severity.

Pricing and Sizes

Catskills Comfrey, 3 sizes

Catskills Comfrey, 3 sizes

Catskills Comfrey, 3 sizes

1 oz
$5.00 + $3.00 postage
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2 oz
$8.00 + $3.00 postage
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4 oz
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Fine Print
Prices are per unit. For larger/mixed quantities, inquire via email. or use our printable Order Form.
Comfrey, coconut oil and beeswax are organic. Oils are cold-pressed.
Shipments to Canada subject to US$10 surcharge due additional postage fees.

Pure Catskills


Comfrey, commonly referred to as 'knit bone', has been used for centuries as a healing medicinal with numerous subdermal treatment benefits:

  • decreases pain from sprains; hasten healing
  • promotes healing of broken bones
  • relieves arthritic pain
  • reduces the intensity, frequency and severity of Trigger Finger symptoms
  • facilitates treatment of burns, abrasions and skin irritations, including sunburn
  • alleviates inflammation and stinging from insect, black and May fly bites, bee stings
  • treat toe and cuticle inflammation; infected, tender toes; acute paronychia
  • dry up acne [Google 'comfrey acne']
  • soften callus and cracked skin
  • relieve issues of Carpal Tunnel Syndroms

Allantoin [very good 'big league']
Essentially, comfrey leaves and root contain allantoin, which encourages growth of new skin cells and increases white blood cells. Allantoin is commonly added to cosmetic creams and lotions.

Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids [bad - but not applicable to Catskills Comfrey]
Comfrey contains pyrrolizidine plkaloids (PAs) which have a demonstrable and detrimental effect on the liver with heavy, concentrated and repeated usage of comfrey. Most of these PAs are found in the root, with lesser amounts in the leaves, particularly the larger ones. Research shows that dried comfrey, which is what Catskills Comfrey uses in the infusion process, has negligible PAs.

The PA-based concerns, per the FDA, are directed specifically to ingested, ie, orally-taken, comfrey. Catskills Comfrey is applied topically to the skin as a comfrey-infused oil; it is NOT ingested - and is produced soley from dried, large comfrey leaves, which, purportedly, contain the least, actual amount of PAs.



Salves and ointments take advantage of the healing, beneficial qualities of herbs and botanicals. Apply liberally to the skin. Infused in organic coconut and extra virgin olive oils with organic comfrey grown on our farm, Catskills Comfrey contains no artificial ingredients, synthetics, petroleum products or perfumes.

Infused comfrey has a unique, earthy, healthy smell. When applied, the liniment 'melts' instantaneously from the heat of your hand - and the associated smell disappears in several minutes as the oils are absorbed into your skin.

Apply Catskills Comfrey frequently (2-3 times daily) or as needed; there is nothing inherently 'bad' with any of the ingredients: you're simply adding moisturizing oils (coconut and olive) to your skin - and infused comfrey. Do realize that when freshly applied, your clothing, especially cottons, can become stained. Although rates vary from person to person, Catskills Comfrey is absorbed quickly; you are not left with an 'oily' feel or unpleasant smell.

One ounce of Catskills Comfrey liniment is sufficient for one month's usage under normal conditions.

Toenail inflammation and paronychia
The oil-rich liniment of Catskills Comfrey, along with the inherent allantoin, is an ideal moisturizer for inflamed toenails and cuticle repair. Apply liberally and let the allantoin encourage new cell growth.

Trigger Finger
Trigger Finger itself cannot be 'cured' with the simple application of this liniment. But the debilitating symptoms, in their severity, intensity, frequency and discomfort, can be greatly diminished. The occasional need to actually pry back your fingers may be alleviated. In Catskills Comfrey, the contained allantoin and mucilage appears to offer increased 'smoothness' to the underlying, affected tissue, allowing the bones to slide more smoothly within their network of tendons and ligaments.

Sprains and Broken Bones
MarylandMedical Sprain


This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any advice found here should NOT supersede the advice and services of a licensed medical practioner; nor should the advice found here be used in any way to alleviate any specific disease or its prevention. You are fully responsible for your own health and any purchase of Catskills Comfrey does not relieve you of that responsibility. By effecting any purchase, you agree to hold the seller, Catskills Comfrey, free of any liability resulting from this purchase; nor does Catskills Comfrey assume any responsbility for any untoward or adverse reaction from its product.

References and Additional Information

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About Us

Annie & Seth - Happy Day! Catskills Map

We are Anne and Seth Hersh, a semi-retired couple, living on a small farm in Delaware County, NY.

We garden extensively and, in the summer months, rarely buy vegetables. We sell cherry tomatoes, basil, garlic, Catskills Comfrey and cut flowers at our farm stand. We're the quintessential 'mom and pop' operation.

This life-style suits us well, keeps us healthy and outdoors. Delaware County has, perhaps, the cleanest water in the United States - and the air in these mountains is equally pure. The weather here is too perfect to have air conditioning.

The nearby Pepacton Reservoir is one of two (extremely) large reservoirs in Delaware County that collect and provide drinking water to New York City. The entire NYC water system is the largest, unfiltered, gravity-fed water source in the world, providing a secure two-year water supply (subject to snow melt).

The water we drink is from a 500' deep well - and is delicious; the water for gardening is completely fresh, clean and drinkable, direct from a 'surfacing' stream about 1/2 mile up the mountain.

Thank You!
We appreciate your financial support with the purchase of our personally grown, harvested and produced Catskills Comfrey - and, as much, sincerely hope that the ointment provides benefit and relief to the condition you wish to alleviate.

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