Catskills Comfrey

comfrey's allantoin promotes new cell growth,
supporting your own body's inclination to heal itself

Arnica & Calendula

Catskills Comfrey - ingredients Catskills Comfrey - Arnica & Calendula 4oz Catskills Comfrey - usage

ingredients: organic EV-CP coconut oil, EV-CP Greek olive oil, organic comfrey, arnica and calendula, organic beeswax

active ingredient: allantoin, flavonoid, triterpene

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Each item packaged in a shrink-wrapped, clear glass container.
Organic comfrey grown in Delaware County NY.
Shelf life is approximately one year.

Our Arnica & Calendula flavor is the trifecta of nature's most potent, healing medicinals: comfrey, arnica and calendula. Combining anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits, this is the specific ointment for more serious, persistent skin conditions.

Arnica is an acknowledged beneficial for treating bruising and other aspects of skin inflammation. It is often recommended when udergoing surgery for faster skin healing.

Tattoo Healing
Arnica & Calendula is ideal for the post-healing phase after having a tattoo applied, as several of the most significant health issues associated in the healing period - bruising, infection and wound-closure - are all dealt with in this one product. Arnica reduces bruising, the calendula offers anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial protection and the comfrey provides for rapid skin healing and closure.

We're clean & green, naturally. Get us under your skin to make that tattoo look even better, sooner!

Catskills Comfrey

Catskills Comfrey

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