Catskills Comfrey

comfrey's allantoin promotes new cell growth,
supporting your own body's inclination to heal itself

Chili Pepper

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ingredients: organic EV-CP coconut oil, EV-CP Greek olive oil, organic comfrey, Carolina Reaper chili pepper, organic beeswax

active ingredients: allantoin, capsaicin

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Each item packaged in a shrink-wrapped, clear glass container.
Organic comfrey grown in Delaware County NY.
Shelf life is approximately one year.

Some like it hot. Our Chili Pepper flavor provides warmth to subdermal tissue, sore muscles, pulled tendons and ligaments. It can be an ideal complement during deep-tissue massage.

The chili pepper contains the active ingredient, capsaicin, which is the source of the warmth - and known to increase blook circulation. We use the Carolina Reaper chili pepper, the world's hottest pepper, to derive our capsaicin naturally.

Capsaicin is also well-documented as a natural means to reducing pain from neuropathy or neuralgic discomfort, which often occurs in the hands and feet. Apply and allow the capsaicin to disrupt the neuropathic pain signals the body generates. For those with shingles, capsaicin may offer natural, clean & green relief at an extremely affordable cost. Understand that this ointment cannot cure your underlying condition but may serve to mitigate or diminish the discomfort you are now experiencing.

Catskills Comfrey

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