Catskills Comfrey

comfrey's allantoin promotes new cell growth,
supporting your own body's inclination to heal itself

About Us

Annie & Seth - Happy Day! Catskills Map

We are Anne and Seth Hersh, a now 'local' couple, living on a small farm in Delaware County, NY.

We garden extensively and, in the summer months, rarely buy vegetables. We sell cherry tomatoes, Catskills Comfrey and plants through our farm stand. We're the quintessential 'mom and pop' operation.

This life-style suits us well, keeps us healthy and outdoors. Delaware County has, perhaps, the cleanest water in the United States - and the air in these mountains is equally pure. The weather here is too perfect to have air conditioning.

The nearby Pepacton Reservoir is one of two (extremely) large reservoirs in Delaware County that collect and provide drinking water to New York City. The entire NYC water system is the largest, unfiltered, gravity-fed water source in the world, providing a secure two-year water supply (subject to snow melt).

The water we drink is from a 500' deep well - and is delicious; the water for gardening is completely fresh, clean and drinkable, direct from a 'surfacing' stream about 1/2 mile up the mountain.

Thank You!
We appreciate your financial support with the purchase of our personally grown, harvested and produced Catskills Comfrey - and, as much, sincerely hope that the ointment provides benefit and relief to the condition you wish to alleviate. We do like to hear the 'good, the bad and (if it shoiuld happen), the ugly' regarding your experience with Catskills Comfrey.

Any Questions?
Please email us with any questions, comments, concerns, testimonials, thanks, whatever.

Mailing Address
Catskills Comfrey
Attn: Seth J Hersh
575 Big Red Kill Rd
Fleischmanns NY 12430

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