Catskills Comfrey


Stephanie B [CHHA/caregiver, Margaretville NY, Feb 2017]
...I received my 1 oz. Catskills Comfrey & it is beyond wonderful. Thank you very much. Recently, I slipped on the ice and have been struggling with leg/knee,(hamstring) and back pain. Upon receiving your salve - I immediately applied to areas of discomfort, and without exaggeration and on Day 2 have not had the agonizing pain. I am ordering the 4 oz for myself, while purchasing the 1 oz for a co-worker who also fell recently and has pain in her hip and back. When I shared with her what I was using, instantly she was curious & interested. So, this will be my gift to her in hopes that she, too, will receive the ultimate benefit and relief that I have.

Katy C. [hiker, San Francisco CA, Nov 2016]
My skin is definitely better, as it was so dry that the balm was a real help in healing painful cracks. I really appreciate all your research and hard work in making this available. It is a BIG help! My cuticles were cracking after being in the desert and this ointment was a Godsend. My hands are also much softer.

Seth Hersh, Fleischmanns NY [caveat: the creator of Catskills Comfrey]
My wife, who has studied herbology, first employed comfrey to good benefit when she broke her pelvis. I developed Trigger Finger [stenosing tenosynovitis] and suffered severe, frequent finger locking on my right hand, with minor symptoms in my left. I first tried a sea-salt poultice to alleviate the symptoms to minimal improvement.

But when I tried an ointment of our comfrey infused in coconut and olive oil, the effect was felt within days. I experienced significant reduction in the intensity, frequency and severity of the Trigger Finger symptoms. Whereas before, I might have had 10+ occurrences a day, especially in the morning, where I had to pop my finger back, I rarely experience this severity of locking anymore.