Catskills Comfrey

comfrey's allantoin promotes new cell growth,
supporting your own body's inclination to heal itself



Salves and ointments take advantage of the healing, beneficial qualities of herbs and botanicals. Apply liberally to the skin. Infused in organic coconut and extra virgin olive oils with organic comfrey grown on our farm, Catskills Comfrey contains no artificial ingredients, synthetics, petroleum products or perfumes.

Infused comfrey has a unique, earthy, healthy smell. When applied, the liniment 'melts' instantaneously from the heat of your hand - and the associated smell disappears in several minutes as the oils are absorbed into your skin.

Apply Catskills Comfrey frequently (2-3 times daily) or as needed; there is nothing inherently 'bad' with any of the ingredients: you're simply adding moisturizing oils (coconut and olive) to your skin - and infused comfrey.

Do realize that when freshly applied, your clothing, especially cottons, can become stained. Although rates vary from person to person, Catskills Comfrey is absorbed quickly; you are not left with an 'oily' feel or unpleasant smell.

And in the End
One ounce of Catskills Comfrey liniment is sufficient for about one month's usage under normal conditions.

Comfrey accelerates the healing process and can close wounds quickly. There is a reason for caution; here is why: I cut the back of my finger across the knuckle. This type of wound is difficult to close due the constant flexing of the knuckle. Comfrey closed it TOO fast - and trapped an infection that remained inside. I had to break the scab that had developed to let the pus out.

Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger (TF) itself cannot be 'cured' with the simple application of this liniment. But the debilitating symptoms, in their severity, intensity, frequency and discomfort, can be greatly diminished. The occasional need to actually pry back your fingers may be alleviated. In Catskills Comfrey, the contained allantoin and mucilage offer increased 'smoothness' to the underlying, affected tissue, allowing the bones to slide more smoothly within their network of tendons and ligaments.

Note that we are treating TF symptoms here; therefore, understand that the liniment must be continually applied to retain the benefit. It's not cumulative where you reach a plateau and then you can lay off once you see positive results. An underlying condition of Trigger Finger, arthritis, CTS or other subdermal muscle systems will require a continued application to maintain the outward benefits. Methinks this is a considerable benefit, a 'clean & green', inexpensive solution to reduce or mitigate, in some cases, severely, discomforting issues.

The Risk/Reward Ratio
The risk/reward ratio is very favorable: potential significant reduction in discomfort or actual cure (the reward) versus the minimal cost of a 1oz container (the risk of a trial).

Sprains and Broken Bones

This quick read from the Univ of Maryland Medical Center is succinct, 'right on target, so direct'.

MarylandMedical Sprain

Bee Sting

I discovered treating bee and wasp stings in real time. I'm outdoors a lot; I get stung occasionally. I got stung once and said to myself, 'Try the comfrey. Why not? It's skin inflammation.' In less than one minute, the stinging was gone. [Full disclosure: I do back down from some claims. I thought CC would be great for bug bites - but it didn't offer any impact on decreased redness or itching whatsoever.]

Acne and Cold Sore

Cold Sore
I have a weak spot where under stress or tiredness, the skin erupts just above my lip. I can tell when it's going to happen. I applied CC to the cold sore, once it had broken, and the rate of healing/closure definitely increased. Within two days the skin was well-dried and closed.

There's no reason why comfrey and its contained allantoin wouldn't work effectively to offer positive benefits for acne. Again, at a very basic, cellular level, it's skin inflammation of some sort. Read this short acne-related article from Herbal Learning [See Mindy's experience at end of the Comment section re using comfrey to treat her acne.].

Dry, Creacked Skin and Callus

Dry, Creacked Skin
Catskills Comfrey's 'carrier' oils are great moisturizers on their own merits. Just by treating your hands and feet to a daily application of the ointment will provide considerable softening of your skin. This is what oils do. But when you include the healing, mending benefits of comfrey, you can repair dry, cracked skin. Read about comfrey's 'restorative', mending powers in this Herbal Encyclopendia article on comfrey baths given to young women.

The comfrey will signficantly reduce callus but you must be patient. I began treating my feet, twice a day, and now, nearly three months later, the callus are virtually removed or reduced to a much diminished, much-softened, bump. The remaining, softened callus can be filed away or, I suspect, the final bit will eventually drop away as the comfrey replaces the dead skin with new.



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